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So, you've got an idea . . . Now What?
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Our next meeting is on:
Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 1PM
Speaker: Luanne Pruett

About our Speaker: Honesty, integrity, transparency. other inventors 1995, and has worked with clients taking idea to retailer big-wigs like Target, Walmart, QVC, HSN, Lowes, Winn Dixie , 7-Eleven, Zappos, Bed and Bath, Lifebrands, As Seen on TV, Summer Infant, and many more.

She has licensed products from automotive to health and beauty, from drive trains to scoring a max value in a $4.1 million down payment, $27 million dollar pantyhose licensing deal. Working with companies manufacturing products both domestically and abroad, Lu Anne knows what it means to efficiently prove concept and tee up full scale production.

Lu Anne's greatest gift is her ability to evaluate a product while reducing risk. This allows an inventor or company to take a product from concept to retail for minimum investment. er greatest passion is helping inventors and entrepreneurs, her strong ambitions surpassed only by her sincerity. Sheteaches Launch Workshops in South Florida. Learn more about Lu Anne and her company at

  • Open forum for questions after presentation
  • Networking Happy Hour afterwards (free food & drinks)